Sign says…

I  missed you! Yes, YOU!!   I forgot to post my sign when I went AWOL.

Sorry about that.  Daddy had surgery; and my brother Kedrick‘s band, sports and school stuff is wild.  Other stuff, too.



“Flashy LuLu” Queen Granny, Nancy McClamroch

   Sorry this is late. Every Friday I shared a story about my Granny Nancy McClamroch.


She’s in Heaven now. Here’s more.

I owe you THREE Granny posts.  It’s a good thing Granny was a wacky, wonderful lady.  I have enough stories to tell until I croak. Enjoy the ride!


Mommy and her brother Mark are Granny’s two kids.  Well, they’re grown now.  They’re a couple years apart.  Mommy’s older.  Shhh…

Anyway, whenever something came up missing, broken, messed up or just out of order when they were kids, Granny would say, “Who did this?”

As you might imagine, no hand shot up. The McClamroch kids both shook their heads, shrugged and mumbled, “mm..unh-unh,” which is a sound people say when they shorten “I don’t know.”

Granny would smile, laugh and say, “There goes the McClamroch ghost again.”

The McClamroch kids were glad there was somebody else to blame; even if it was a ghost.


Granny said her kids had Dropsie, leaving a strew of stuff here, there and everywhere.  No matter how often she put stuff away, there were always  shoes, school books, bikes, play stuff or the like dropped in the middle of wherever.

Granny had sayings for everything.  Her cure for Dropsie was, “Final resting spot.”  She had different variations all meaning the same thing.  Granny would command, “DO NOT..AND I MEAN DO NOT…UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, set ANYTHING down until you put it in its FINAL resting spot!!”  She left notes, chased the kids around wagging her finger and hoped they’d catch on.

“You’ll never have to clean if you put stuff in its “final resting spot” she campaigned. The kids had confidence Granny would pluck wayward items and skedaddle them to their final resting spot, so they never got cured of Dropsie.


Granny’s sneeze was like a five-alarm- fire.  She sort of yodeled the burst.

Researchers say sneezes are like laughter.  How we sneeze reflects our personality.

So, of course, Granny had a loud explosive sneeze to match her
wacky, wonderful personality.

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