It’s a’s a plane…

Hthunder 1oly macaroni and cheese!

My little bunny ears are aching.

The Thunderbirds !  It’s a sound you can’t miss.

They look like big red, white and blue birds. A cross between a bird and a bat.

They twirl and whirl, and flip upside down.  They fly straight up.  Then straight down.   thunder 2

I sort of got sea sick watching  the up, down and around.trix

We hear  military planes a lot since our house seems to be in their flying pattern.  But, the that’s an ear-splitting sound.  The big birds are  here for an airshow.  Me and Mommy watched it  loudyesterday on YouTube.  You can see it here. It knocked my bunny socks off!

bun2 I don’t think bunnies are allowed into the airshow. I’m glad because it’s too loud from here.  My bunny brain can’t imagine how loud it’d be at the show! houserat

Our house rattles when the planes fly over it.  Sort of like being on the highway with your window down.  Like a HUGE sweeper, too.

My kitty siblings…  since they’re over-the-hill old..are freaked out kittyby the noise.  I think they’re all cowering in our dank basement.

The Thunderbirds arrived  Thursday.  They practiced Thursday and Friday.  funbun

Loads rumbling whoosh sounds til  tomorrow.

I’ll be glad when the big birds go bye bye.birdie   xoxo 

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