Comet’s Crew asks help for bunny Ava

 Meet my new friends Bailey and Eddie and crew, the bunnies from Comet’s Corner.

Beloved Comet

Bailey and Eddie are two talking rabbits who will surely brighten your day with their silly jokes and antics.
Bailey and Eddie’s human started Comet’s Corner in memory of their beautiful little mini-lop rabbit that sadly,  passed away in February 2013.  Despite every effort to try to save him.
His family is deeply saddened by the loss and is keeping his  memory alive through Comet’s Corner.
Comet was a loving, funny little guy, who followed his human around the house and brought many smiles.
To keep Comet’s memory alive, please spread the word about Comet’s page, so that more people can join in on the smiles; the way Comet did for those who loved him.

Come meet the Comet’s Corner Crew, Bailey and Eddie the Lop rabbits, Buddy the Siamese cat, and Rocky the Rat Terrier. 
Be sure to stop by their page and LIKE it…tell them Little Bunny LuLu sent you.
They have a fun, fun, fun page. So be sure to follow it.
Comet’s Corner shared information about a rabbit foster and sanctuary in Long Island New York.
Right now, bunny Ava is fighting cancer, and needs your help. 
Donations will help Ava, who is battling aggressive cancer. 
Ava’s foster family found a lump on her underside about a year ago.
They brought her for a check up right away and tests showed that the lump was cancer.
Ava has undergone 3 surgeries to remove cancerous masses in her body.
Despite the intense nature of this disease, Ava is still hopping and binkying.
Your generosity provides Ava with the care she needs and to keep her comfortable as she continues to fight cancer. And helps with other bunnies in need.
Share and, if you can, please donate. Tell them Little Bunny LuLu sent you! xoxo

Be sure to FAVORITE Little Bunny LuLu’s eBay store that helps underwrite care for her and her 8 rescue kitties that are enjoying their golden years. Please share it with your friends.

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