Love it

love it

On this page, I share with you people, places and things I love.

Want me to love your product, a place, a thing, or just you?

Email the details and I’ll take a look see. I’ll pass on viruses and spam.

As a teenage bunny, I admit I’m easily wooed by freebies, especially the kind that involve food or travel.  Or books, or really just about anything!

Have carrier, will travel!  Fully poddy trained! Almost over chewing stuff, except paper and boxes.  I get weak in the thumper and always have to take a bite, or two, or….oops!

If you give stuff to my followers, you’re triple, double, quadruple loved.  Everyone knows bunny fans have ample disposable income, otherwise why would they expensive critters like me? Great promotional opportunity!

The No-No list:  Nothing illegal.  No sex.  No drugs.  Rock n roll welcome (REO Speedwagon, Cher, Jimmy Buffet, Elton John, AC/DC, Air Supply, Rod Stewart). No explosives.  I had to put that because of the Bunny Nazi’s!

I’ll note if any tangibles were given. Here we go:

First on my list, Sir Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny at

He’s savvy.  He’s dapper.  He’s cute as can be.  Fun pics, videos and stories!  A joy and must read!  Be sure to visit and follow Speedy’s blog.  Tell him LuLu sent you with a warm hello!  P.S.  Tangibles from Speedy: Kindness and a mention on his cool blog


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