Snip.. snip

 Christmas 2011 055Sorry this is late. Every Friday I share a story about my Granny Nancy McClamroch.

She’s in Heaven now. Here’s more.

If the weather was nice, Granny was in her garden.

She’d have a rag or towel wrapped around her head and a garden tool in her hand.  

And she would never, and I megardenan NEVER, wear gloves.

Granny said true gardening had to be hands-on.

She used old-fashioned scissors to clip the grass around some parts of her flower kingdom.  Talk about precision. The work she put into her garden made migrant work look like a day at Disney.

Granny snipped and clipped, dug and dragged, planted and pruned year after year culminating in the abject mastery her garden was.  It was a labor of love that all who knew her will remember.

When my folks go to Grandpa’s this weekend, they’ll bring back pictures of Granny’s garden so I can show you.

We transplanted some of
Granny’s flowers here.  When they bloomed it helped Mommy smile to know a part of Granny was right here with us.

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