About me

Hello friends!  Welcome to my Little Bunny LuLu Blog.  I’m named after my Granny Nancy McClamroch‘s online Poker moniker, Flashy LuLu.  Granny’s at the Poker table in the sky having a grand old time.

Back to me..me..me..I was born in December. The Karasek Family adopted me a couple weeks ago.  It’s been a hilarious time.  My eight fuzzy feline siblings taught me how to jump like a cat, use the litter boxes and mad-dash through the house.

My favorite snack is a raspberry [all natural] fruit popsicle. Shhhh, don’t tell Daddy.  He freaks when I eat people food. Cuties (Orange) Cream Cheese Pound CakeMommy just let me gnaw for a couple minutes.  I fell in love with that raspberry ice bar.  I have a MAJOR sweet tooth that can’t be tamed with cucumbers or grapes or strawberries or Daddy’s Cuties Californian Mandarins.

I hope you’ll hop along the bunny trail with me.

Here’s Mommy’s song, “Little Bunny LuLu hopping through the house..chasin’ all the kitty cats..makin’ them go nuts. Then Mommy says, “Little Bunny LuLu, I don’t want to see you chasin’ all the kitty cats..makin’ them go nuts.”

So I chase them anyway.  Especially 28 pound Otis Byerly, a real slow poke.  I kind of still terrify him. Poor Otis..he thought the little brown balls were cat treats.  Well, maybe he still thinks they’re cat treat..he’s a little on the not-so-bright side.


Otis and me..Poo balls all around

I have a bad habit of marking the house with lines of poo balls.  I’m a chocolate chip dispensing Pez on speed.  See the poo balls all around Otis.  That’s how I mark him as mine!

Before I got my hair cut, Otis helped keep me clean.  He’s a swell fellow.  Definitely my favorite fuzzy.








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