5 words

001.JPGHello friends.

I’ve captured my bunny life in these 5-word sentences.

Write and share your 5-word sentences!180

  1.  It’s always all about me.
  2. I love, love, love eating.
  3. I don’t like being brushed.
  4. Water is my absolute favorite.
  5. Licking Mommy’s face is fun.
  6. Chasing my brother is hilarious.
  7. Bed time should be eliminated.
  8. X-Box boy is a sissy.
  9. I’m Mommy and Daddy’s favorite.
  10. Paper is really very yummy.

Tell me your  5-word sentences!

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2 thoughts on “5 words

  1. Hehehehe you are funny Lulu!
    I’m a party Bunny!
    I’m a Pirate and Buccaneer with my ship the SS Speedy I have many adventures with my pals!
    I love tasty Noms!
    I’m a Knight of the Realm with my own little kingdom the Kingdom of Speedom!
    I love my Adventures in to the wilds
    I love being chauffeured about in my stroller!
    I am the original Adventure Bunny!
    Oh did I say I love to party?!

    I know more than 5 words but I never stick to the rules Lulu
    Kisses to you sweetie,xx Speedy

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