More bunny vigilante craziness

   A note from my Mommy & Daddy

A self-proclaimed rabbit expert, who has never seen my Little Bunny LuLu says my sweet LuLu is abused because we bathe her and let her go in our pool in her Mommy’s arms for a couple of minutes.

She started a bogus petition about our LuLu, which means truly abused bunnies are being ignored. Look here.

Her name is Linda Sue Malie.

She cherry-picked satire from our Little Bunny
LuLu blog and said we were abusing our LuLu.

Linda Sue Malie is a liar.

Happy, healthy, adored, well-cared-for LuLu

Our LuLu just had a vet well-visit (prior to scheduling spaying) and is in good health.IMG_6415

Bunny vigilantes have long history of bullying, stalking

It is wrong for these bunny vigilantes to say they know what is best for every bunny. These bunny vigilantes are scary people.

Many people contacted me saying they were harassed, bullied , threatened, and even stalked with violence by the bunny vigilantes.

The truth

I have NEVER promoted bunny swimming or bathing. Or throwing bunnies in pools.

I have been in contact with many people who bathe their bunnies and/or allow them to swim.

All of these bunny owners stressed that their choices are based on their bunnies’ individual personalities, as well as the health and well bring of their bunnies.

Bunnies in horrible pain due to arthritis have significantly benefited from water therapy and LOVE water.

Some bunnies love to play in the tub, or outside in water or in a pool. These folks made decisions based on their own bunnies.

I HAVE said that I know my bunny better than the bunny vigilantes.

I HAVE said that my LuLu is in good health, as she has regular veterinary care.

I HAVE said that I think making blanket statements about what is or isn’t good for ALL bunnies embarks on myths and Wives’ Tales.

I HAVE NOT said I’m an expert on rabbits. Nor have I ever given advice.

I SAID that I know LuLu best, as does her vet.

Bunny welfare advocates don’t want to see abused, bloodied and slayed rabbitsabused bunny

When I posted a pic of rabbits brutally slayed beside a picture of LuLu cuddling on my shoulder, I wrote, “Which bunny needs your attention?”

The Facebook bunny groups were horrified that I posted rabbits that had been butchered, along with rabbit that were having their fur brutally ripped out leaving their skin fiery red and bloodied, the bunny folks said there was no need to put brutality in their faces, yet they continued on their quest to “save LuLu.”

Bullying encourages more LuLu swim pics20160618_141402

I will continue putting LuLu pictures in our pool and bath pics until such time as the mentally disturbed Linda Sue stops the lies with her petitions.

She and other bunny people don’t want to help brutalized and slayed rabbits.

They want a bit of a happy suburban bunny because it gets them attention and leaves their warped mind wrapped around something to fight for.


They would rather bully, threaten and harass me about my sweet, happy suburban bunny.

Bunny welfare advocates have never even seen LuLu180

Not one of these “experts” has seen my LuLu. However, the bunny vigilantes have sent threats and ugly accusations.

I don’t give in to harassment or bullying.

These handful of bullies have been harassing bunny people for years.

Tons of nice bunny people get harassed, shamed, threatened and stalked by bunny vigilantes that are seriously disturbed individuals.

Read more here…/

Linda Sue Malie directing people away from real bunny abuse and slaying 

Linda Sue Malie has started an email campaign and another petition.

For every one vigilante bunny crazy, there have been at least 50 nice people who said they were bullied, harassed or otherwise bothered by know-it-all bunny vigilantes.

Stand up against bullying.

Leave the groups that condone harassment and bullying 

Many of the FACEBOOK bunny boards allow the bunny vigilantes to harass and bully, yet removed my replies and removed me from the groups when I replied.

When I see bullying, I leave the group. If you’re in a bunny group that has allowed harassment, LEAVE.

  I hope you will leave the Facebook Bunny MeMe, Disapproving Bunny and the Bunny Carrot Group. I’m told The Dodo group also does this.

These are the main offenders that encourage harassment and bullying and refuse to allow the “accused” to reply. not a reputable site with fact checking

Even the petition site ( states they don’t fact check; and the site doesn’t allow the “presumed” guilty person to reply.

Enjoy the satire of poking fun at bunny vigilantes by joining

Join “NASTY BUNNY” for a satirical look at bunny vigilantes

Join a peaceful, drama-free bunny group

And, join the Facebook group “Peace Loving Bunny and Animal Folks ~ Acceptance & Interest”, a group of kind people.

Get the word out.  Share this on social media.

Please share this in Facebook bunny groups and other online bunny boards.

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Thank you.


Jim & Lori


6 thoughts on “More bunny vigilante craziness

    • Hello sweetie Speedy. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, and your kindness.

      I’ve played right into their nonsense by giving them so much attention online.

      That stops today. As soon as Linda and her cronies contact me or others about me, I’m blocking and ignoring them.

      No more replies. They want attention. They’re not getting it from me any longer.

      xo, LuLu

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is probably best Lulu,the more you try to defend yourselves the more fuel you add to the fire.Just ignore them and do what you do best.any threats and Harassment just pass the info on to the lawyers or the police and let them deal with it.eventually they will shoot themselves in the foot and they will be punished for it.But now is time for just having a bit of fun and maybe highlight those bunnies in real need from time to time.and any posts that might be taken the wrong way just put a disclaimer at the top.So its time for fun and Bunny Parties I think…..hehehe we bunnies know how to party!….hmm I think I might have to organise a party on my blog to cheer and bring a little laughter…what do you think Lulu?xx Speedy


  1. It’s clear you have a valid concern about those bunnies slaughtered for meat. I take it that you must be a vegan if you’re against killing animals for food. Thank you for bringing the plight of farmed animals to light. Factory farming is one of the worst industries in this country, and I applaud you for standing up against animals as a food source. What I don’t understand is why so much of your blog is about the bunny vigilantes. If what you say is correct, and they are distracting from the real issue of farming and breeding rabbits, then why are you dedicating so much of your blog to them? I’d love to see more posts dedicated to bringing the treachery of animal agriculture to light!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Carrie.

      Thank for stopping by; and for your insightful comments.

      You are right that I have lots of stuff on my blog about the bunny vigilantes.

      I have this because a handful of people continue to aggressively harass me.

      I’m hoping that my sharing will help other people stand up to the bullies.

      As a bunny, I’m vegan. Although the smell of burgers has me curious. My folks are meat eaters.

      I chose the bloodiest pic possible (of bunnies) so simpletons would get the point.

      With that said, I am aware that animals as food sources is controversial. And,as a bunny, it’s terrifying to think of fellow bunnies being slaughtered.

      I’m also aware of the work Temple Gradin has done.

      If you submit a short article about your cause, I can put it on my blog.

      My blog is a satirical look at life through the eyes of a bunny.

      I look forward to getting your article.I hope you’ll follow, share and comment on my blog.

      xo, LuLu


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