You asked…

Thank you for sending questions.  I welcome questions, comments and stories about your animals. I might even send you some Twiglet Treats! So, ask away…

Bob asked, “What do you eat?”

Well, Bob, if my folks would give me some freedom, I’d eat darn near anything.  I have had a delicious bite of our maple armoire.  Mostly I eat Timothy Hay.  And, it’s good.  I have pellets and flakes made of hay that I eat, too.

Every day I have some mixed greens with a couple blackberry or raspberries.  One of my favorite treats ever was a couple bites of an all veggie popsicle.  That was fun gnawing on and tasted yummy!.

Another favorite is what I call Twiglet Treats.  They’re fresh green wood from blueberry, pear and apple tree pruning. They’re organic and positively better than good.  I even sell them.  Thanks for stopping by to ask a question!  xo, LuLu   twiglet treats w price.png

The money I earn from eBay helps underwrite care for me and my 8 geriatric feline rescue kitties.  

If you can, please buy something from my store.  I have loads ofstuff.  Please share this with other and post anywhere you can.  Many thanks  xo, LuLu



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