You asked…

Jen emailed me this question, “What do you do during the day? Do you watch TV?



Me with my Twiglet Treat box of yummies

Hello Jen.  Thanks for stopping by and emailing me questions.


I love, love, love, love when folks ask me questions or write to say “hello.”

Jen, At around 4 a.m. I start to loudly strum my hutch metal walls. It’s not a nice sound.

Then, if my folks are able to sleep through that (my indoor hutch is in their bedroom), I proceed to Level 2.

I take my baseball-sized ball that has a bell in it to the second floor of my hutch.

Then I fling it down the ramp and it crashes into the wall.  It’s super loud.

Usually  that’s when Mommy or Daddy say, “Lula-Bear, it’s still nighty night time.  Go night night.”  At that point I sometimes comply.  So, I have some hay flakes and hay sticks and I take a nappy.

By about 5:30 a.m. I’m spent.  Time for me to get the heck out of my hutch and play! Mommy or Daddy opens the hutch door, I hop out and jump onto Mommy.

She’s usually asleep until I plunk on her face.  That wakes her up mighty fast.

She rubs my head, which is my favorite place to be rubbed.  She sings her Little Bunny LuLu song to me, “Little Bunny LuLu hoppin’ through the house, chasin’ all the kitty cats..makin’ them go nuts.”

I cuddle with Mommy until Daddy’s ready for work.  Then I follow him down the hall and steps.  He and I race for the cat’s food bowl.

I’m quicker than him.  I can usually snag half a morsel of my kitties’ chow before Daddy grabs the bowl and sets it on the kitchen island.

I haven’t tried to jump onto the island yet, but I can jump over 3.5 feet high, so I might start practicing because I love, love, love Purina Cat Chow.

And my folks say, “No, no LuLu, you can’t have the kitties’ food.”

As soon as my kitty siblings hear me and Daddy coming down the steps, they do a mad-dash-scramble to get to higher ground.

Meaning they get to someplace over 3.5 feet high so I don’t chase and love bite them.

Mommy turns on music in the kitchen.  The kitties and I hang out together.  We like sunning in the front dining room window.

violet lulu

Me and Violet on the bunk beds Daddy made

Daddy made us a three-tiered bunk bed that we love to sit on.

There’s also cat tower “thingie” that has two perches on it.

Mommy scooted a dining room chair over to the window so more kitties can enjoy the beautiful, warm sunshine.

Since I have 8 kitty siblings, usually I can find at least one that either lets me chase him/her; or will let me just sit close by.

Next to sitting in the window, I love sitting under the dining room table.

It’s maple wood and I kind of blend in.

When I was smaller, I could wiggle under the massive table leg spaces.

I’m a teenager in human years, so I can be catty.

I love to chase after the kitties.  When I catch them, I give them a little love bite.

I always catch them because they’re super slow.  In human years, most of them are in their 70s, except for Sophie.

Plus, I hop turbo-fast. They get mad if I bug them too much.  They’ll hiss.  Then I growl, which terrifies them.

These are very wimpy kitties.  When I was an itty-bitty bunny they were scared of me. Now I’m about Chloe’s size, so they really are scared.


Chloe..Mommy calls her Clarice for a reason

For lunch Mommy makes me mixed greens with a berry or two in my mini-bowl.

I usually cuddle more with her and then I’m back to the kitty action.

I mostly hang out with Violet.  She’s a long haired kitty that I think is really a bunny.

A bunny that wears her ears on her fluffy tail.  Anyway, I usually find and sit with Violet.


Violet looking for me

Me and the kitties have golf balls  we love to roll on our tile kitchen floor.  The balls roll in  the grout lines, and it’s like soccer.

Our golf balls make loads of noise on the floor, which we love! Anyone still sleeping, doesn’t like the noise.

rowen pic.png

Rowen with my Mommy

Reminds me of X-Box Boy

I think X-Box Boy and my older brother Rowen, often hide the balls to keep us from making noise.

But Mommy always puts them back out.We play with these pretend little mice, too.  The kitties like to toss them in the air, and I can do that now, too.

Our Zhu Zhu hamsters

We have Zhu Zhus that make funny noises and are on auto-pilot.

They’re fun to chase after.  I just put a paw on top of the top and press and it springs to life.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting on the leather furniture in the living room because it’s nice and cool, and so soft.

Other times I like sitting on one of the kitty beds that are on my sisters’ beds.  And, I like to sit on the vent because I love cool air.

I like to run super fast up and down the steps.  Flying, with all paws in the air.  I’m Super Bunny!

How I look when called “bunny”

I think it’s so much fun!  My brother, who I call XBox Boy, comes out of his sun room man cave once in awhile and calls me “bunny.”

I don’t like being called “bunny.”  Grrrrrrr

He doesn’t much like me because I bully him.  When no one’s looking I chase him growling and then I nip his heels.

X-Box Boy was the baby of the family until I came along.  I think he’s working through those issues with me getting all the attention.

I have to tell you that I laugh so hard when I see X-Box Boy (who is nearly 6″ tall and weighs about 165 pounds) run away from a four-pound bunny.


See how tall X-Box Boy is!

Every time he comes out of his man cave, I chase him.

When Mommy’s not looking I really go for him! Mommy snapped a pic of him running away with me leaping into the air to get him.

The patch on the wall is from X-Box boy opening the door too far and it booya-d the wall.

And all my eBay stuff makes the master bedroom full of stuff I’m sorting through.  So, please excuse my mess.


Me flying through the air after X-Box-Boy

As you can see, I enjoy playing with the kitties and cuddling throughout the day.  In the evening my folks sit in their bed and watch TV.

That’s when I sit at the bottom of their bed and munch on my Twiglet Treats (organic twigs that I even have available for sale), hay and sprinkled bunny treats that I forge for in the bottom of the box.

twiglet treats w price

You can order these from me.  Twiglet Treats.

Mommy brushes me for what seems like a very, very long time.  Then she rubs my head.

I like to take a fast hop onto Mommy because she’s like a trampoline.  She’s so soft to jump on.

At around 10 p.m. my folks put me in my hutch.

They have a cover that goes over the outside, which seems to help me relax and sleep.

By 10 p.m. I’m tired as can be and ready to head to the second floor cubby of my hutch and fall asleep.

You asked about TV.  This will sound nutty, but I like the Moonshiners reality TV show.

Maybe it’s the woods or the funny way they talk.  Whatever it is, I like it. I like Jeopardy, too.


Me watching Moonshiners

I like watching the real-life vet shows, especially Dr. Pol. But, most of the time, I don’t pay attention to the TV.  I’m just there for the cuddles.

I’d love to hear from you! Please use my contact form to send me questions.  I give advice, too.  Although it’s silly.

I’m not an expert on anything, other than maybe eating.

The money I earn from eBay  store helps underwrite care for me and my 8 geriatric feline rescue kitties.  Please share it with your friends.

If you can, maybe, please buy something from my store.  I have loads of stuff.

And I have way more to list!  Please share this with other and post anywhere you can.  Many thanks  xo, LuLu






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