Ten hundred times..and a walk down memory lane


I love to lick Mommy’s face!

Today, I’ve licked my Mommy’s face ten hundred times.  I love to sit on Mommy’s shoulder and lick her cheek and chin.

My Mommy sits on her bed reading a book.  I jump onto the bed, then spring onto her. Then I jump off..then back on.  Over and over.

I fly through the air with my jolly jumps and hop of Mommy.  I think she’s a trampoline!  It’s the best time ever.

Everybody comes from somewhere ~ memories

All our kitties came to us homeless.  These are their stories.

Oreo was sitting in the middle of a busy street next to what appeared to be his smashed Mommy who sadly was run over by a car.

Chloe was a stray barn kitten at a pumpkin farm.


Chloe..Mommy calls her Clarice for a reason

Violet and Sadie are sisters.  They were stray barn kitties, too. Mommy and Daddy bottle fed them.

Mommy was horrified to see a kitty run over right in front of our old house. She rushed the kitty to the vet, but sadly it had passed.  The remaining kitty needed a home.  We named him Otis Byerly.

We fostered Maggie Mae and her daughter Zoe and then adopted them.


Feefers is fun!

Sophie was a kitten when she was thrown from a moving car. Daddy took her right to the vet.  Fortunately, she didn’t have a scratch on her.

About 8 years ago, Mommy’s 17-year-old kitty, named Brittany Dawnie, passed away.  She was Mommy’s first kitty, rescued from a friend’s barn.

Ginger found on a cold snowy road

The Christmas before last, our family said goodbye to beloved Gingie Bug, she was 21 years old.

Mommy found her on a freezing cold Christmas Eve, sitting alone.

Drew found us at our new house


Last Christmas, our Drewbie passed.  He was 19, which is a long time for a cat with FIV to survive. Drewbie found us when we moved into our new house.

Our family has been blessed to share life with such wonderful animals. And I love being the only bunny, because I’m spoiled rotten and I love it!!

The money I earn from eBay helps underwrite care for me and my 8 geriatric feline rescue kitties.  

If you can, please buy something from my store.  I have loads of stuff.  Please share this with other and post anywhere you can.  Many thanks                                                                                                    xo, LuLu




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