Crazy people are cancer

When my folks posted my picture in our pool, a bunch of wackos decided I was abused.  My folks got nasty emails; some with threats.  People were more than a little nuts; they were freaking insane.

Over 700 people had nasty stuff to say.  I know because I read the petition.

The consensus was that bunnies can never, ever encounter water.  Some said that when bunnies hit water they have a heart attack and die.  FALSE.

Another said I was tied to a noodle.  Some said I was thrown in my pool for publicity purposes.The range of made up stuff was outlandish. MORE FALSE STUFF.

Then people who have never even seen me decided that stuff on my blog, that was satire, was me being abused.

I share this because my folks and I wasted time and emotion on  people who have the intelligence of  an empty shoe box.

When people attack you, it’s natural to want to fight back.  Especially when the accusations are bogus.

We think if we say the right words, people will see our point of view. We line up logic and we rattle off reason; and all it does it make the crazies more determined to sack us.

There are loads of crazies.  Nothing you can say or do will ever change their mind.  They’re narcissistic sociopaths that are like cancer.  When you let them get to you, they eat away at you.

You can only control yourself.  Wasting time trying to get others to change or see your point of view is as effective as trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos.  Futile.

The best thing to do with these folks, is to block and ignore them.

Block them on all social media platforms, and in your email program.  Report threats to authorities, but never, ever reply directly to the crazy.

When you don’t reply, the loons get bored and slither back into their holes.  No matter how insulting, outlandish, threatening or just plain ignorant, block and ignore.

The crazies spent time and effort advocating for a well loved bunny enjoying life in suburbia; while countless animals are horribly abused and neglected ever day.

But these animal rights activists don’t care about real abuse.  They care about judging, chastising and shaming.

Surround yourself with people who like you and support you.  Always walk away from the assholes.

P.S.  Since the screwballs labeled my folks animal abusers (which is NOT true), my eBay sales are down.  

The money I earn from eBay helps underwrite care for me and my 8 geriatric feline rescue kitties.  

If you can, please buy something from my store.  I have loads of stuff.  Please share this with other and post anywhere you can.  Many thanks  xo, LuLu



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