For the love of Granny


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Every Friday, I do a blog about my Granny Nancy McClamroch.  She’s in Heaven.  I’m her namesake.  See more here.

Mommy told me the story about Granny selling Mommy’s old car.  A fellow and his daughter stopped by to see the car.  While the car looked semi-okay, it ran like crap..when it ran.

Granny didn’t want any liability issues. She gave her best spiel about the nightmare the car had been.  She was honest saying she knew nothing about the mechanics, other than it had been a pain in the rear end.

The fellow bought his daughter the car for a couple hundred bucks.  Some time later, Granny heard the engine blew.  No one was hurt, but the car was properly canned where it likely should have been 10 minutes after it came off the assembly line.  Back then the joke was that Dodge cars only ran downhill.  What an uphill battle dealing with a lemon.

Ho,Ho,Ho..Merry Christmas

Granny was big into Christmas.  She had elaborate decorating rituals that took weeks.  From lights on the house to lights in the yard, it was a beautiful.

Granny had such a knack for display, and everything was just amazing.  Even her bathrooms were bright with Christmas cheer.  And her living room was like waking into a winter wonderland, with Christmas caroler figurines in a winter motif that looked to be right out of a magazine.

In the months leading up to Christmas Granny would bake more than 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies.  She’d freeze them, then before Christmas Christmas she put together and family beautiful plates of colorful and delicious cookies.  My Grandpa made chocolate candy every Christmas.  Delicious chocolate, rich with variety and flavor.

Many years ago they used to make sauerkraut balls for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They ground pork in a metal grinder that clamped onto the table. The sauerkraut balls were crispy and robust with flavor.

Santa always came on Christmas Eve.  Even when Mommy and her brother Mark were out of high school.  Everyone went to bed, and in the morning Mommy and Mark had a splay of gifts that had magically appeared in a picture-perfect display.  Each stocking was stuffed with candy canes and trinkets.

Mommy said she always tried to stay awake to see Santa or catch her Mom and Dad being Santa.  In 20 years, never once did Mommy hear a single sound.  She went to bed and waited and waited and, then it was 7:30 a.m. and time to run to the basement family room to see what Santa brought.  It was magic.  Granny had a way with making magic.

Granny said that when Mommy and Mark stopped believing in Santa, then Santa would stop coming.  So, until Granny had her stroke, everyone always believed in Santa and he always came.







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