Happy dance

I’m so happy I could squeak! My folks trimmed my bushy hair, and I feel so good!  We have air conditioning; but my burgeoning Angora wool is hot!

I mean, who wears wool in the thick balm of summer?!  Well, I was wearing wool and it was uncomfortable.

My folks were chatting about the best way to trim my overgrown tummy.  I stood up, “Have at it!”  They were shocked!

Come on parental units, I’m a special bunny..magical.  A few snips later I was rid of two mats and extra hair.

Molting took care of my neck and the top of my back.  My folks took me to the vet to ask about my hair loss.  My vet said, perfectly normal..molting.

Some bonehead online took pics I posted and said I needed Ivermectin, which is a very dangerous chemical used to treat parasites like scabies and ringworm.  Can you believe some know-it-all told my folks to put that on me?!  Yikes. Ignorance is scary.

My parents are what people call “helicopter parents.”  That means they hover low and double and triple check anything and everything as it relates to me.

It makes me mad that folks who’ve never seen me cherry picked satire from my blog, embellished it and falsely stated that I was abused.

They even started a petition, and hundreds of people are championing a cause that doesn’t exist, while truly abused animals are ignored. Ignorance is bliss.

I’m the first Karasek bunny, so everything’s a big deal.  I’m the apple of their eye; and I kind of wish they’d take up a hobby so I could sneak into xBox-Boy’s man cave for some yummy snack crumbs.

If I’m a foot away my.. Mommy’s like, “Lula-Bear!”  As if she fears I’m walking off the edge of a cliff.  I’m a teenager now and I think I can have some space..hint..hint..

Daddy said you have to laugh stuff off sometimes; especially when it’s bogus.  So here’s Daddy laughing off the bunny meanies that said not-so-nice stuff about me taking a dip in our mineral-based (no chlorine) pool.

Be sure to join the satirical group on Facebook called “Nasty Bunny.” You’ll laugh til you near pee your pants! Nasty Bunny ~ Click to see ~ Hope you join!




11 thoughts on “Happy dance

  1. I have never seen a bunny like you before – you almost look unreal! You are so adorable! Ha – the people that think they know it all, usually don’t. Don’t worry about it. Speedy sent me over. I don’t have a bunny, but I do have a dog and a tortoise. Sounds like you have an amazing life!

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  2. waves two ewe lulu & all de catz two !!! itz veree nice two meet everee one; R pal speedy sended uz thiz way…..sorree bout all de nastee nezz goin on with de commentz & such ….if mor peepulz waz az kind two each other az uz animalz R………yea…….de werld wood be like a bazillion timez better …ya noe ~~~~ happee nite two ewe all


    • Basil & Co., my bunny eyes have tears. Speedy’s such a kind lad.

      It means so much that Speedy put me on his blog.

      Thank you so very much for your super kind paw waves. My favorite kind!

      My siblings Otis Byerly, Oreo, Sadie Sue, Violet, Chloe, Maggie Mae, Zoe and Sophie send you paws of thanks for being kind to us! Mommy, Daddy and my brothers say thanks, too! Hope you’ll follow our blog. xo, LuLu


    • Hello and welcome Laika and Vaks. It’s wonderful you’re enjoying your golden years. My kitty siblings are, too. Which makes them fun to chase! lol Rescue animals are the best! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll follow my blog and share …with pics, too. I curtsy to my bunny in shining armor, Sir Speedy. xo


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