If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll recall that Linda and Erin EB have brought about pandemonium that has gotten people to harass my family. Click here for info

In her petition, Linda embellished, turned satire to fact and cherry-picked from our blog to state that I’m being abused.

Linda is wrong.  I’m well cared for and my vet says I’m in excellent mental and physical health.  I’m on the spoiled side because I’m an only [bunny].  The first bunny in our family. My folks tend to hover, always being overprotective.  Helicopter parents.

Erin EB also posted on social media  (see pics below) and signed the infamous petition on

My folks thought it was terrible that people were focusing on a sublimely happy suburban bunny when so many other bunnies and animals are horribly beaten, mistreated, neglected and some even killed.

The 500 folks Linda and the petitioners rounded up to harass us could have been helping truly abused animals, instead of fighting a cause  that didn’t exist.

Daddy posted two pics asking people which bunny needed rescued.

Bunny people got super mad saying the horribly abused and slaughtered bunny picture was inappropriate to post.

Daddy wanted people to see what abused bunnies looked like, so they could realize their attention on stating I was abused was misplaced.

Which bunny is abused and harmed?

  or   IMG_6415

In the meantime, Erin EB sent a bunch of harassing emails that threatened me and my family in very ugly ways.

Erin EB posted my blog materials on her Facebook accusing my family of mistreating me.

When my Daddy replied, Erin EB demanded my Daddy remove the TRUE information he wrote in his reply.

Erin EB then lied to Facebook to get our page censored with Erin EB’s threats removed.

Erin EB then emailed Daddy stating her employer was willing to undertake immense legal action to cause our family unwarranted duress.  I posted a copy of Erin EB’s emails below.

Linda, Erin EB and the folks emailing hateful emails and threats to my Daddy are the ones abusing me.

I have never been abused in my life, until Linda, Erin EB and the bunny brigade set out to harm me and my family.

Many people contacted us saying that they had been harassed on the Facebook bunny boards.

One lady said she posted a pic of giving her bunny a tiny bite of banana.  She said a bunch of bullies posted and said she was abusive.

Another lady walked her bunny on a harness. She was told she was abusive and bad and shouldn’t even have a bunny.

Another lady bathed her bunny because it had icky diarrhea, and needed cleaned. She was called abusive and unfit to have a bunny.

These vicious bunny people have a long history of harassing people in their groups.  Really very, very mean, public comments aimed at shaming bunny owners.

Instead of helping bunnies in real need of rescuing; these folks harass any bunny owner that does anything the “bunny police” determine to be wrong.

Harass is an understatement.  They pounce and crucify. So much so, that people have left the groups.

We stand up to bullies and hope you will, too.

We believe the bullies won’t have the power they now have when people band together in support of acceptance and peace; rather than assumption, judgement and public humiliation.

We need your help.

Please share this on all your social media platforms.

Then reply to this post (in the comment area below) saying you support standing up to bunny-people bullies.

Tell Facebook

~Copy the sentence of support (below in red)

~Then click

~Then paste the copied part into the Facebook form.

If the paste function doesn’t work, push the CTRL (key) and  (the letter) V and that will paste the sentence into the spot.

Be sure to choose BULLYING.

 Sentence of support  (copy to paste into the Facebook form)

“I support Facebook member Jim Karasek of and Little Bunny LuLu and ask that Facebook re-post entries Jim posted that bullies got Facebook to remove.  Jim was accused of abusing his rabbit, and when he replied, his replies were removed. Jim takes great care of LuLu and we ask you to re-post things he posted that were true and defended him against the untrue allegations.”

We welcome words of support as we work with authorities and legal counsel to right this wrong done against me and my family.

This smear campaign has impacted our online sales, please consider purchasing something from Little Bunny LuLu’s eBay store at

Please share Little Bunny LuLu’s store on Facebook and other social media sites.  XO, LuLu





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