Creek hiking and cycling to camp

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Granny Nancy McClamroch

Every Friday I share a story about my Granny, Nancy McClamroch.  Granny’s in Heaven.

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Back in the 70s, Granny and her gal pal Linda Ferrante were Girl Scout leaders.

mom friends

Gal pals: Granny, Linda, Patsy

Along with some other moms the troop  biked to Camp Ledgewood, which (according to all accounts) was a first.

They sang Girl Scout song favorites around the campfire, made crafts and even went on a creek hike, to which my mommy wore a darling pastel turquoise shorts outfit trimmed in yellow.

mom cabin

Granny, a ride-or-die chick

Granny was a ride-or-die chick.    Mommy, a girlie girl.  Polar opposites.

Everyone loved Granny and Linda because they were so much fun.

The troop enjoyed  Granny and Linda‘s creative crafts, loads of junk food, singing, hiking  and being silly.

cabin gs

Bug Shack at Ledgewood

Everyone had loads of fun, while my Mommy was cleaning and bug bombing the Adirondack she had to sleep in.


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