Not so nice

005.JPGThe more I learn about the internet, the more I realize folks are not so nice.

I posted a pic of my couple minutes in our pool and  a few people went nuts.

Then more people started supporting me and telling the bullies to back off.

I thank the kind bunny people who believe I am LuLu instead of just “a rabbit.”

I’ve seen my vet several times.  She says I’m in great health.

Mommy and Daddy know my personality.  I’m adventurous and enjoy all kinds of stuff.

For some reason, some “rabbit people” believe they should determine what I eat, where I sleep, how I hop (harness vs no harness), and how I interact with water.

This literally blows my bunny mind. They’re more qualified than my folks and my vet?    I’m a very happy, albeit spoiled, bunny.

When people who’ve never seen me start bashing my folks telling them what I can and cannot do, it makes me upset. And, if the mean folks come a little closer, I will have no problem biting you.  Ask my brother, xBox Boy, how hard I bite when I’m being a bully.

I’m more upset by the backlash of folks criticizing, threatening and just being nasty to my folks, then any stress from water, a harness and snacks.

There are no two bunnies alike.  Just because we hop and have fur doesn’t mean we’re the same. Are you the same as Donald Trump, or Madonna, or Jimmy Fallon?

No, you aren’t.  Just because you’re a person, it doesn’t mean all people are the same. I have no idea why this is so tough for the simpletons to get their pea brains to understand.. Maybe it’s because they don’t have minds.

Judging my folks and being so horrible, is unnecessary and immature.  Mind your own business.  If you don’t like seeing the stuff I do, then don’t read it. You want to call your attorney, or the IRS, or PETA or someone else, have at it.  It will turn out badly for you.

I don’t need you to advocate for me.  My folks do a damn great job taking care of me.

Here’s the brouhaha from my pool picture.  Boneheads even created a petition to protect me.

Folks, there are starving animals in your community that could use a hand getting some food.  Helpless animals are getting beaten relentlessly.

The time you waste stalking me and my folks could be put to better use helping these animals.

Contact your local volunteer center or United Way to learn about rewarding volunteer opportunities. Or click here.

P.S.  I had shared with you that I help pay for care for myself and my 8 geriatric rescue kitties by selling on eBay.

I’ve got some really neat stuff. Designer jewelry, awesome Lego plates and tons more.

Please consider buying from me and sharing my link on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  That would mean a lot to me.

You can copy and paste the link or click a buttons below  xo, LuLu



17 thoughts on “Not so nice

  1. I will be publicly posting your contact information every day until you remove the haters post that showcases my profile and libelous comments to include that I wrote and/or started the petition, even though you demonstrate a clear understanding in your later posts that Linda, not myself, started the petition.

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    • You posted a snip from copyrighted material on my blog, with a statement about my rabbit in my pool.

      You also signed a petition that contained the same information. Both were in a manner that incited people to harass my family. This is akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, which is illegal.

      When you post on social media and sign a petition asserting accusation; you should expect the accused to reply publicly in the same manner as you conveyed the accusation.

      Instead you sent blackmail threats through our blog demanding we take down the information that you posted; or else you would post our contact information and undertake other activities to jeopardize my employment and standing within the community by propagating false and harmful information.

      Further, in an email to me, you stated that this [situation] was “going to turn out badly for you and your entire family of four.” I believe law enforcement will see that as very serious threat of harm to members of my family.

      I will continue to reach out to Facebook with the truth substantiated with screen snips and materials until the censorship ceases; and in the meantime will use all venues available to share the truth of what you did.

      We never asked you to take down your initial posting about us; since we believe in freedom of speech. However, you blocked our right to reply, even on our own Facebook. When you post about someone on social media and sign a controversial petition, you open yourself to the public.

      It is in your best interest to immediately inform Facebook of the truth, which is that you “erred in having Jim Karasek at and his Little Bunny LuLu page censored and sanctioned”, as the postings that were removed were in reply to your initial posting and signature on a petition that contained the same.

      As you recall, you threatened to publicly release our contact information to the general public if we didn’t comply with your request. I replied by posting my contact information, along with your threats.

      Blackmail is illegal, as is inciting pandemonium. We will contact law enforcement to file a report and ask that the local prosecutor investigate unless your attorney provides documented proof of your contact with Facebook (and any other venues you contacted)to correct your error that resulted in wrongful censorship of items on our pages.

      Your attorney will need to provide a copy of the document sent to Facebook and others, along with signature confirmation and tracking that we can verify with Facebook.

      Unlike your attempt to blackmail me; I’m giving you factual information about our recourse illicited by your actions.

      I will also continue to share this situation with other online venues and media outlets.

      Should you succeed in getting other material of mine censored on public venues, your attorney will also need to provide documentation that you have contacted the venue(s) and corrected your error, which resulted in wrongful censorship of my material and/or any sanction of privileges.

      Additional criminal and civil remedies are available due to your erroneous and illegal actions against me. Any individuals working on your behalf to garner censorship of my materials or undertake actions harmful to my family will be subject to criminal and civil liability.

      As you forced us to publicly release our address and contact information, you’ve subjected us to danger.

      Any and all incidents arising from this situation will be reported to law enforcement with your name and screen snips showing how you harassed us and attempted to blackmail us. As you are aware, this opens you to additional criminal and civil liability.

      In a lengthy email you also stated that your attorney had conveyed interest in undertaking actions meant to cause harm to me and my business.

      Further you stated your attorney would be in contact with IRS and others for the express purpose of causing duress to my family and business. Your email was specific with the threatening activities your attorney had already began pursuing.

      As we operate in a transparent and law-abiding manner, we welcome authorities, the IRS and any other entities’ scrutiny because we are a Limited Liability Corporation with comprehensive materials about our actions, including an accounting firm that prepared and submitted annual tax returns.

      I will expect an Express Mail letter from your attorney with the materials requested by 5 p.m. on June 28, 2016. Should you choose to ignore this request, I will proceed with filing reports with relevant authorities related to your illicit actions, and will have counsel determine remedies available.

      Do not in any way contact me or members of my family. Do not use any of my materials, as you have no permission to do so. Do not have others do anything on your behalf related to us. We expect that your harassment of us will cease immediately.

      Jim Karasek
      6542 Anthony Drive
      Maumee, Ohio 43537


  2. Heheheehee, you sell all the stuff your husband stole from Goodwill on eBay. That’s going to turn out badly for you and your entire family of four.


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