Terin.PNGhere’s a nasty woman spewing untrue stuff about me. She embellished cherry-picked stuff from my blog and said I’m abused.  I’m not abused.  My family takes wonderful care of me; and they adore me!

Apparently this hater believes all rabbits are the same and should be cared for in the fashion of old wives’ tales that ample veterinarians have labeled as bunk.

There is more than one school of thought on things.  You have a vet that says this, I have a vet that says that.  You crusade and rally against the fantasy and fiction in your own mind.

You deem animals as abused that are happily enjoying life compatible with our individual personalities. I’m sorry your beautiful bunny died; however that’s no reason to spew fictitious nonsense about me.

Thank you for promoting my blog and e-store, even if you did it by embellishing your fiction over our facts.  You stir folks up with your self-proclaimed righteousness and holier-than-though attitude. My folks wish you would stop emailing threats and harassing them.

I’m thankful my parents take the time to know me, rather than leave me locked in a dirty cage to live the prescribed life of a proper bunny.

You wrote that my family threw me in a pool.  That’s a lie.  You signed a petition that labeled me as abused, then you posted it to your Facebook stating that bunnies in water drown.  You made other mean comments.   I floated on a noddle in my family’s pool in my mom’s arms for a total of about 4 minutes.

Later, while sitting on the top step into our pool, I wanted to cuddle with mom in our warm pool, but my folks thought a couple minutes was enough for a day.

You say I’m abused, my vet says otherwise.  I don’t judge that your bunny passed away.  I don’t scrutinize your care or lack thereof. Meanwhile you fancy yourself as my protector. That’s scarier than any water I’ve ever seen.

I’m blessed that I didn’t end up in your care; and I’m thankful my parents see me as LuLu, instead of “rabbit.”

More about this https://littlebunnyluluandfriends.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/blackmail/

Little Bunny LuLu is our beloved English Angora bunny that we adore.  We have a satirical blog called Little Bunny LuLu and Friends.

Over-zealous animal welfare advocates have wrongly targeted our sweet bunny as being abused!

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14 thoughts on “Haters

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  2. When one cried “haters” often it’s because they’ve done something hateful. Blocking people won’t help your cause douchebag. It just makes more ‘haters’. Expect a large part of the bunny community to rise against you.


  3. I thought that whole exchange on Facebook the other day was baffling. People are weirdly eager to demonize certain things based on very limited knowledge of those things. LuLu looks like she is loved, cherished, and adored. As a devoted bunny mom, that’s really all that matters to me. Rock on.

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  4. Hello,
    I am the “nasty woman” you’re posting slanderous comments about. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of education or a language barrier that’s causing the issue, but it’s clear you’re confused about which remarks I made. I suggest you take some time to re-read the polite and professional comments I left on your fb page and blog. Even the post on my personal fb page does not resort to personal attacks.
    If you do not remove your libelous blog and any other connected false written statements, I will be forced to take any and all available legal actions against you, which should not be difficult given the public nature of the records containing both of our statements. Rest assured that while I may not have unlimited personal funds to source this undertaking, I am fortunate enough to work for an employer that believes their legal team should be constantly employed, either in company affairs or in the aid of its employees. I have spoken briefly with the head litigator this afternoon and he has agreed to give you until the end of the week to cease and desist. After this time you can expect to be served by an officer of the court should the posts defaming my person remain. He has also agreed to provide you a comprehensive review of all your public undertakings with regard to your eBay business and personal property. Everyone makes mistakes and he is eager to help you rectify any that may affect your personal standing with the IRS, such as a failure to report property improvements, business sales, and submittal of sales taxes. We also have a veterinary staff eager to appraise your pet’s condition based on your own posts, comments, and photographs within the public domain. They will be able to contact the proper authorities to provide you assistance should it be deemed that the significant amount of injuries sustained by this animal indicate that it is not receiving the proper care.
    I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter,


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