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Cougar Granny, Nancy McClamroch

Every Friday I share a story about my Granny, Nancy McClamroch.  Granny’s in Heaven.

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Mommy told me the story of Granny visiting her in New York.

Mommy moved to New York for a new job. Since Mommy was just 22 and lots of people she supervised and worked with were much older, Mommy asked Granny to mind her Ps and Qs.

Well, spirited Granny had other ideas.  She and her travel friend hit the local bars with a crew of Mommy’s staff.  Granny filled them in on a bunch of “rather-not-repeat” Lori stories. The staff enjoyed the stories, Mommy just tried to save face.

Mommy told Granny not to chit chat with strangers when they went into the city.  Apparently in New York, folks aren’t as chat-happy as Midwesterners

Granny’s happy-go-lucky, spunky-gal personality mandated she get a life history from anyone she saw. Including their cabbie who nearly crashed while detailing his story.

Granny was her own gal.  She beat to the march of random drums.  Her uncanny smile, bright blue eyes, gift of grab and charisma was a joy to everyone she encountered.

Mommy says Granny could get an interesting story out of tree bark. Loads of people miss you, Granny.  I’ll carry on your legacy.

Some other Granny fun facts.  She:

-said that everyone in White Plains, New York had shined shoes.

-had a MySpace called Granny Clammy

-had a Facebook page

-brought her indoor, potted plants outside in the summer and back in during the winter, which made them absolutely gorgeous.

-brought ferns from Uncle Mark‘s cabin in Pennsylvania to her garden in Suffield.  Ferns that loved full sun!

-rarely drank alcohol, but when she did, she loved Cherry Heering,  a ruby-red liqueur made by soaking lightly crushed Danish cherries with spices in grain spirits.

-could write upside down and backward, and used shorthand to encrypt Christmas “to buy” lists.

-was a leftie, with all the creative flair that comes along with.

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