Brush javelin

My big white paddle brush is a perfect javelin. I hunker down, take a running leap and spear the brush through the air… while holding on.

Me and the brush do a wicked toss- lop.  The TV remote works well for this maneuver, too.

Mommy says I’m supposed to let go when I throw my brush javelin.  What’s the fun in that? I hold on and enjoy the amusement park ride. A flip, a flop and a final drop.  Wild ride.

When the ride comes to a complete and final stop, I’m sitting on my brush, remote combing myself.

Life is such a joy.  Hey, be sure to check out my vintage and modern jewelry, wares and baubles in my eBay store.  

I’m new to this e-commerce stuff and would really appreciate your help.  Share with friends, too.  xo, LuLu


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