Knock that bite off!





When a door’s closed at my house, I just bite it.

Abracadabra!  It opens fast. Until today.

The door didn’t open.  So I bit and I bit and I bit and…door still closed.

After 10 minutes, I figured the door must be broken.

I hopped away. Later I heard Mommy shriek, “LuLu!”

After a shriek, there’s usually a “No-No” lecture about what I’m not supposed to have done.

Sure enough, another “No-No” scolding!

Mommy says it’s fine to scratch or scrape a door with my teeth to let someone know I want to come in; but not to actually eat the door.

I wasn’t eating the door, Mommy.  If I would’ve been eating the door, there would be nothing


How cute am I?

left but poo balls.

One bunny dog-and-pony show

Perhaps I should take my hutch- strumming act on the road.

I rake my claws over the metal grate and kick my bell with my back feet.

Then I add a couple thumps.  I intermingle the beat.

So, cool at 3 a.m.

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