Lick a tickle

I licked Mommy’045.JPGs face and she said it tickled.

Now I want to lick her face all the time, but she says her face lotion and makeup isn’t good for bunnies.

Hmmmm…how about Mommy ditches the lotion and makeup…so I can sit on her shoulder and lick her cheek?

Sounds like a to convince Mommy.

I’m a teenager now, so I’m a bit on the wild side.

When Mommy reads at night in her bed, I surprise her by pinging from the floor onto her face.  She squawks , “Owie!”

She keeps saying “gentle, gentle” and I’m like…what does that mean?  Then I use her shoulder or lap as a treadmill doing a fast claw run. Actually I’m happy to use anyone as my clawmill.  Apparently this is unpleasant for folks because they always say, “No! No!” and “Owie..that hurts!”

Does any bunny know what “No” means?

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