Bunny Cucaracha



LuLu’s Cucaracha on Daddy’s shoulder

I love my Cucaracha.  With a touch of insanity I run my front paws like I’m on a treadmill  on speed.

It’s a scratching heyday ending with a wee love bite.

I especially enjoy Cucaraching on Mommy, but I’ll settle for a pillow, stuffed animal or blanket.

I can air- Cucaracha, too. When Mommy picks me up to set me on our window perch or puts me in my hutch for nighty-night, I wildly flail my paws and thump my rear legs.

I add some wiggles to my treadmill reach-and-run and sometimes add a love nip or a scratch. A conjunction of crazy commotion!

Note to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus :  I know this is a fascinating act worthy of show; however I’m far too spoiled to be on the road with carnies.

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