Sorry Granny, I’m late like mommy

I’m late on my Friday Granny McClamroch post. My Mom’s always late.  She told Daddy that when she passes, she wants a Post It note whpost it.pngere her casket should be with “Be there in 15 minutes.”  Then 15 minutes later, another note, “En route, be there soon.”  Then 30 minutes later, her casket would be wheeled in with Image result for laughing bunny another,”Sorry. Thanks for waiting.”

Last Friday I wrote that I was going to share something each Friday about my Granny.  Remember, I’m named after her Poker name, Flashy LuLu.  So, I’m LuLu.

Nancy McClamroch wanted her grand kids to call her “granny.”  She passed before I arrived,  but I’ve heard all about her.  I know she would’ve loved me, especially since she wouldn’t be allergic to me.  She was allergic to cats and dogs, but mom said she had Angora shirts, which means she wouldn’t have been allergic to my Angora fur!

lebron james grandmother club.pngHere’s Friday’s Granny feature, just two days late.

Granny was thrilled to be one of the founding members of the Lebron James Grandmother’s Club.  Not only did she love LeBron James (even when he went to Miami), but she loved spending time having fun with the other grandmothers.  She said they were vivacious and hilarious with great stories to share.

They country line danced at nursing homes, which was such fun.  The residents were delighted and the grandmothers enjoyed performing. Want to join?  Just click here for more information.

Hop, skip and a jump over my cat

I love chasing Violet.  Then I hop over her.  It’s awesome to run and jump and play, but I’m thinking it’s making her nutty because she bit me.  Youwch!



Otis Byerly

Otis is a little harder to jump over.  He’s huge.  I tried and landed on him. He hissed and swatted me.  That made me mad so I nipped his tail and hopped away to find one of my other 7 kitty siblings to play.  None want to play during the day.

These cats sleep all day then chase each other at night screeching and scraping nail over our hardwood floors. They need put on a sleep schedule. I need playmates during the day!

Yesterday Violet sat nose-to-nose with me.  I sat on the cat tower and she wad on the second-level vat bunk bed.  It was cool to see her pretty violet-gray hued coat.  She’s soft, too.  She cleaned my face, which tickled. I think I’m growing on her.Happy dance! xo, LuLu

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