554 Pounds of Lego for sale! HUGE

~guest post from my Daddy, Jim

Lego collectors know finding great collections can take a lot of time, as can washing, sorting and the like.

Up for grabs is a huge, quality collection. Lego Technics, Friends, minifigs and some of the other items sell at a much higher price.

Rather than sell priced by type, I’m offering my whole collection for $14 per pound.

That gets you EVERYTHING, PLUS 200+ extra sorted, packaged and labeled specialty items (not included in the pound count)

Some specialty parts sell for over $10 a part. When you average this across the board you are saving a ton of time and money by buying this set. There’s a lot of money to be made here.

At this point, I’m not selling my collection as individual items, other than the lots offered on eBay (that aren’t included in this inventoried list) You can see those at http://stores.ebay.com/LittleBunnyLuLu.

My store also has loads of vintage and modern jewelry, baubles, wares, new designer clothing and more.

Anyone buying the full Lego set can get 25% off all items in my eBay store, if paid in cash upon purchase of my collection (this includes, gold, silver and diamond)

I also have at least 50 pounds of vintage and modern jewelry (sorted and unsorted) up for grabs. If interested, let me know and I’ll take pics.

Cash only accepted. Must meet at our bank (Maumee, Ohio). Bank will verify and hold cash, while you review inventoried collection (as listed below).

Or, we will ship for exact cost if payment is sent via certified check in advance. When the check clears, we will release items.

My collection is 554 Pounds plus approximately 200+ clean, labeled Lego specialty items (like matching windows, matching wheels, unique parts, etc.)

This includes:

40 pounds- sorted Lego

147 pounds- unsorted

24 pounds- unsorted Bionicle collection

4 pounds- unsorted Duplo collection

83 pounds- mix (semi-sorted)collection

88 pounds- unsorted Lego collections

6 pounds- unsorted Bionicle/Hero/Technic collections

15 pounds Bionicle/Hero/Technic

2 pounds Lego bricks only lot

11 pounds Lego Technics

3 pounds Lego chunks (partially built Lego items. Not all parts included)

14 pounds Generic Lego type blocks

9 pounds Lego, NEW, still in sealed, original clear packaging

8 pounds Lego white assortment

3 pounds Lego plates

9 pounds NEW Lego (red, yellow, black, white)

3 pounds Lego small parts

8 pounds Lego window & related

9 pounds Lego Duplo

10 pounds Lego wheels/tires/axels and related

12 pounds Lego Friends

5 pounds Lego regular

4 pounds Lego assorted plates

3 pounds Lego gray colored

9 pounds Generics

3 pounds Lego small parts

12 pounds Lego tiny parts

6 pounds Lego soccer and NBA set parts

4 pounds Lego assembled minifigs


Email Little Bunny LuLu

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