Yikes! I’m balding like daddy!

Image result for funny saying about balding

LuLu’s balding

Mommy and I freaked out when we saw a huge bald spot behind my ear, on my ears, and on my back.  I’m too young to be bald!  A bald bunny isn’t a cute bunny.

Then we realized that it appears to be molting.  In case you don’t have a rabbit or know what that means, molting   is when a rabbit looses its coat (shedding) and grows a new coat.

This Friday, when I go back to see Dr. O to get my staples out,  Daddy will have her look at my balding.  And let her know I’m still sneezing and periodically getting eye and nose goo.

Mommy can’t go with us because she has to get her monthly six-hour iVig infusion at the hospital on Friday.  It’s to treat her immune system that Lyme Disease wrecked and caused encephalitis and other autoimmune health problems.

Mommy has a great neurologist, Dr. Gretchen Tietjen.  She was in treatment for Lyme Disease for the last five years with Dr. A. Martin Lerner, a wonderful doctor who passed away not long ago. The new doctor treating her Lyme and and immune problems is nice, too.

I circled my mom in the pic below.  For information about the Lyme epidemic click here and herelori lyme wall.PNG

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