My name is NOT “bunny”!

Happy Dance!

Xbox Boy was lamenting to Mommy how Rowen, my older brother, can hang out with me and not get growled at or bit.

Note to Xbox Boy: My name is not “bunny.”  I’m LuLu.  Rowen knows my name!  Calling me bunny makes me growl!

Xbox Boy is the name I call my brother Kedrick.  He’s on the Xbox 24/7 yelling like a mad man. In the summer, Kedrick does only four things:  Xbox, eat, go to the  bathroom, and sometimes sleep.

His Xbox-man cave looks like a fraternity house after a wild party.  Partially-eaten bags of chips, empty soda cans, somewhat- eaten sandwiches and just a whole look of mess.  It’s yucky, but that’s a great thing for me!

When he leaves the French doors open…Happy dance!  I go hog-wild in the smorgasbord of leftovers.

Bolting “Bunny”

Usually there’s at least a couple cans of Mountain Dew with enough juice to get me pretty amped so I can fast-skiddle  when Xbox Boy sees me in his cave.  xo, LuLu


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