It’s all about the paper

funny paper.png

Paper is delish.  Mommy and Daddy tell me not to eat it, but what fun it is! Books, newspaper, junk mail, shredded paper, homework passes. Appetizers!

There’s something about nipping paper that’s fun! Every room in our house my signature..not just the accidental poo ball, but also artistic shapes nipped into all sorts of things.

Magazines look better with my geometric nips. Hey, craft stores charge a lot for scissors that cut as cool as my nipped edges look!  And I do it for free!

I nipped a retro design for  xBox boy. He went nuts. Apparently it was a homework pass to let him skip an assignment.

There was a good two inches left,  but apparently he didn’t have the gumption to take my masterpiece to school and explain that his bunny ate the rest.

Berry yummy

Mommy gave me a bowl of tart raspberries. They were so yummy I slopped raspberry all over my face.

Daddy thought Mommy had given me another haircut with an “oops.” Mommy assured him she wouldn’t be giving me any more haircuts after the last two oops-cuts ended up costing a ton for vet bills. I go back to. Dr. O on Friday to get my staples  removed.

Saved by ole

XBox Boy showed Mommy his new “Ole! Ole!” to protect himself from me. He’s terrified of me because apparently I enjoy growling at him, chasing him and biting him.  Would a cute bunny like me do that? No!  Okay, guilty as charged! I’m an adolescent.  I can be snarky at times.

XBox Boy uses a pillow to lure me out of a room, like a matador uses his cape to attract a bull. The pillow puts space between my chompers at his toes. xBox Boy calls this his “Ole! Ole!”  When that doesn’t dissuade me, he runs away screaming with me at his heels.

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