Where’s Little Bunny LuLu?

My 8 fuzzy feline sibs treat me like Waldo, from the “Where’s Waldo” series of book. They’re perpetually on the LuLu look out.


Little Bunny LuLu


Image result for where's waldoFor hide & seek, the kitty brigade always hides and I always seek.

Hmmm..I might develop a complex about this. But, no worry because I am very, very, VERY good at finding every last one of them!  Yeah, me!

O-REO! ~The cat who cuddles even strangers



Oreo, the black and white Calico we call O! prefers to hide atop the refrigerator where no bunny in her right mind would even try to make a leap to. That’s around 10+” high and my thumpers aren’t geared for that kind of spring!

Chloe ~ Clarice ~ The “I do bite” kitty


Clarice gets top billing on the bunks

Chloe, the choleric personality (Mommy calls her Clarice ) tucks herself betwix and between sheets on my brothers’ unmade beds.Her orange, white and tan Calico splotches blend  with the rumpled sheets.  Sometimes the only inkling of her whereabouts is a lump!

violet lulu.jpg

Violet (bottom bunk) peeks up at LuLu this afternoon while sunning



Violet ~ Pelota-Velota ~The ride or die chick

Violet is too big and furry to even try to hide.  Especially since she is long overdue for a grooming and shave.

Violet is a ride or die chick. Her largess blunts her jump.  Meaning she does regular face plants smack dab into the maple cupboards.  Even so, she continues trying until finally someone picks her up or she gets there on her own.

You have to respect that kind of focus.  Although it’s funny to watch, I always feel bad for her.  By about the 20th jump she looks exhausted, humiliated and ready to give up.

Violet is lately  my No. 1 favorite cat this week.  I think she’s a bunny that wears her ears on her tail.  She’s a long-haired, deep violet-gray  dilute tortie  She’s shaped like a big mom bunny and she just seems bunnyish to me.  Like me, she doesn’t meow, but makes a series of peculiar noises.  Another clue that she’s really a bunny.

Sadie Sue ~ Subie ~ The gazelle food nabber


The napping gazelle, Subie!

Sadie Sue, our resident bug eater, is easy to find.  Call out “cat nip” or open a can of wet cat food and there she is.  By “bug eater” I mean she has this sensai way of drawing even a ceiling fly to her level where she snatches  and eats it.  She’s brave enough to take one for the team with stink bugs.

Her every move is swift as a gazelle  She is fast, agile and knows what she wants.  If you leave food unattended,  expect Sadie  to snatch and run schlepping it to an under-bed location where no one can take back her conquest. That makes Sadie easy to find.

Sadie Sue, called Sue or Subie, enjoys tormenting xBox Boy, too.  On more than 9 occasions, Sadie‘s made off with xBox Boy’s Subway sandwich or McDonald’s burger.  He never learns. If she snags a Five Guys Burger…Yikes!  Kedrick might even weep.

Sadie‘s shazam-fast. Subie needs about a  half second to bat out of H-E- double L with your grub.  Especially if it’s pizza, any kind of meat, pasta or General Tso’s chicken. A momentary look away and Sadie‘s Houdini-gone with your goods.

xBox Boy v. Sadie ~ And the winner is….Shazam!

Sadie stealing his food drives XBox boy bat-poo crazy.  Even so, I guarantee he’ll leave something he really wants to eat unattended and it’ll be whisked away by sneaky Sadie.

The rest of the meow bunch

There are, of course, more cats..but it’s a nice day and you should be enjoying it instead of reading about where I find my kitties and how odd their fun nuances are.  I promise to tell you about the others another time.

Thank you for hoping alongside.  I love seeing you.  Jot a comment or send me a message.  I’d love to hear from you.

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Check out my Supplies Go Round® ~ One-Stop, Quality, Clean, Retail-Packaged Lego® Shop for a ton of incredible Lego® deals.  

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