Here’s the story of a woman named “Granny”

I’m thinking about my granny, Nancy McClamroch, today. 

Christmas Card.PNG

She’s in Heaven. Although I never met her, I’ve seen video and Mommy’s told me all about her zany ways. She insisted on being called Granny.  She was a spry 5’5″ with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. 

Granny  was a master gardener with glorious sprays of flowers and plants of every kind in harmony throughout her luscious garden with cobblestone- paths,  burbling fountains and breathtaking Monarch butterflies. 

Granny was a talented artist: painting, drawing, carving wood, crafting, jewelry- making, baking, cooking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, and a host of other miraculous talents.  And, she was stellar in everything she made with a creative flair and natural gift that fostered many brilliant projects and creations

She had a silly sense of humor and was taken to using wacky lyrics or commercials in repetition. A favorite was “pants on the ground,” a lyric she had a penchant for saying to her grandsons who wore the sagging pants kids thought were hip. She would rattle “pants on the ground” to her grandsons Tyler, Rowen and Kedrick,  nodding toward their sagging britches.  

Granny had the gift of gab. She loved talking, meeting people and arranging meaningful gatherings for family and friends. She was a founding member of the LeBron James Grandmother’s Club in Akron where she enjoyed country line dancing at nursing homes with other grandmothers who shared a love for LeBron James, even when he went to Miami. 

Granny Nancy loved her job as secretary to Landon and then to Cynthia Knight for over 30 years. Landon was a proprietor of race horses and had a knack for investing. Sired from the renowned Knight family, of the Knight Ridder publishing empire, Landon had a caustic, yet lovable, curmudgeon demeanor with uncanny wit. Granny loved the Knights and they loved her.  

Granny cherished lifelong friendships. She got together nearly every month with her “Girls’ Club” of women she went to high school with. Together they navigated life’s sometimes rocky waters with marriages and divorces, job losses and promotions, illnesses, unexpected calamities; and a battery of the sometimes- unfavorable muster life brought to fruition. 

Granny also enjoyed to travel and loved cruise excursions. She enjoyed time with friends and family and always was in planning mode for upcoming holidays; orchestrating festive brouhaha and making her home a wonderment. 

Granny loved fried green tomatoes, Scrapple and tuna-noodle casserole, which she only made when Grandpa was at work because he couldn’t stand the smell. Scrapple  is Pennsylvania Dutch mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour,and spice. The fried,thin-sliced green tomatoes were breaded and browned extra crispy.

Grandpa was the love of her life. She met him when she was a high school cheerleader and they enjoyed over 50 years together

Amazon 104

Granny, Rowen and Grandpa

Granny loved spending time with her grandsons and her family, and especially enjoyed four-wheeling in the mud at my Uncle Mark‘s cabin in Pennsylvania. I’m told Uncle Mark was granny’s favorite. He sure knew how to make her smile.

Granny even arranged a girls’ weekend with her two closest friends Patsy and Linda. The gal pals enjoyed a weekend of camping reminiscent of the times she and Linda were Girl Scout leaders. They often got together weekly  and enjoyed talking, texting and emailing.

mom friends

(Left to right) Granny, Linda, Patsy

Granny loved her Sky convertible sports car and was known to “peel rubber” when taking off. She loved stick shift and had a bit of race-car driver in her.

mom car

Granny in her Sky

Granny couldn’t stand the smell of perfume or watermelon. 

She loved candles and had a knack for interior design, always rearranging furniture in her house with unique decor.

That’s only a tiny scratch on the surface of the amazing woman my Granny was.  

Each Friday, I’m going to share a nuance about my Granny to keep her memory and spirit alive in all who love her. I’m named after her. Flashy LuLu was her online Poker character. She was fierce at Poker gleaning skill from watching late-night “Poker Stars.”  

I almost forgot. Granny had a passion for shoes..the wackier the better. She had more than 100 pairs of shoes and was always on the lookout for more. Her wardrobe was an eclectic mix of eye-catching outfits paired perfectly with shoes and jewelry from her sui generis collection of gold and baubles.

My Mommy says I’m a lot like my Granny: cute, smart, fun and charming, albeit sometimes stubborn. Granny called herself “Queen” and had crown mementos proclaiming her reign.  How cool is that?  I guess nowadays kids would call that “dope.”

Love and hugs to you Queen Granny, Flashy LuLu, Nancy McClamroch. You live on in all who love you. XO, LuLumom


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