What are your thoughts about the Harambe gorilla tragedy?

I’m very sad about the Cincinnati Zoo tragedy that ended the life of Harambe the gorilla. I make no judgement of anyone since I have been known to find myself in less than favorable situations.  Like when I eat stuff that isn’t edible. Or how I like to tangle myself in the feet of people running up stairs.

While my situations pale in consideration to and are nowhere near the severity of the Cincinnati Zoo tragedy, it makes me think of the teaching of Dale Carnegie who said that if we were truly in the shoes of another, we would make the same decision. Shonda Rhimes sums up Carnegie’s view in the quote below.

An editorial in today’s Toledo Blade shares thoughts. What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts by clicking the comment link under the title of this entry.  #harambe #zoo xo, LuLu

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You can't tell stories and really walk in someone's shoes and not have a love for them, even if they're doing horrible things. - Shonda Rhimes


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