Hot Mama

Whew.  Sweltering today in Ohio. Beautiful sunshine.  Mommy took me outside on a leash.  I loved being outside, but the leash has got to go.

Mommy would pick me up and do this manual hop hop thing with her screechy voice. Then I’d freak and hop hop super fast headed for mulch in flower beds.  Mommy said no to that.  She wanted me to stay on the grass.  What’s the fun in that.

Mommy was sweating, and I was glad I had a hair spite of the chunk and staples in my side. What’s the big deal about playing in the dirt?  It’s fun!

Mommy says no, so I stayed hippity hopping for the grass.  Then I found grass clippings.  What fun.  Yummy. I ran around for about 30 minutes, but then Mommy was too hot, so we came inside.  I enjoyed ice-cold water and mixed green.  Then I headed to my sister’s room to nap with my favorite kitty cat, Violet.

Violet is a bunny

My folks say Violet is a diluted Tortie kitty cat.  Nope.  With fluff like that, she’s got to be in the bunny family.  She’s got more hair than me.

I love to hop alongside her, even when she swats me.  I think I’m encumbering her personal space. I just love to sit with Violet.  She reminds me of being with my bunny mom.

Groomer needed

There has to be a groomer that knows how to shave bunnies, but we cannot find one!  I need a short hair cut.  I don’t like hair in my eyes, nose and mouth, or all over my hiney.  How’s a girl to keep herself fresh with all this hair.  E-yuck!!

If you know of an experienced bunny groomer in the Toledo area, please contact my Mommy at lorijkarasek AT Yahoo DOT com.  I wrote it like that so she doesn’t get a bunch of skanky smut spam.

Bookmark and visit my “Little Bunny LuLu” eBay store

I hope you bookmarked my Little Bunny LuLu eBay store You’ll find a treasure trove of vintage and modern jewelry, baubles and wares along with Lego of all kinds!  Loads of fun!

I’ll be listing hand-blown glass, lampwork beads soon.  With swirls of greens and blues and other hues, they’re fun and perfect for jewelry making.  Most have large 1/8 inch holes perfect to add to bead pens.

Bulk buy all our Lego

If you’re a Lego collector or seller, you need to contact my Mommy.  She has tons of quality Lego, Bionicle/Hero/Technic, Lego Friends, Lego Duplo, minifigures, special parts and way more.  She wants to sell it all.  Over 500+ pounds of quality with loads of treasures.

Please contact Mommy at the email address I listed above.  We will be happy to have the Lego parts find a home.  We decided to focus on jewelry.  Someone’s going to get a super valuable lot with our Lego, so be in touch with Mommy soon!

xo, LuLu

small sgr logo lego

Lego for sale! Free USA shipping.





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