Pez dispenser on speed

What happened … poo balls are rolling out of me nonstop! I fill the litter boxes  and the whole darn house. My folks are ready to revoke my full-house access. My turbo poo is out of control.

I have litter boxes everywhere. My sibling kitties use the litter boxes..why can’t I get all my poo in the box? HELP!

Also, I started this wild scratching then biting ritual whenever I sit on mommy.  She doesn’t like it one bit and said she’s going to nip me back next time I take a bite of her.  Her chompers are way bigger than mine so I’m not biting her anymore.


When I went back to the vet, I had to get a couple staples.  Ouch…next time anyone wants to clip my fluff, I’m running away from home! The staples stays for a couple weeks, then back to the vet to get them taken out. And,   I’m still on meds for Pasteurella.

xBox Boy AKA Scardy Cat

My brother just finished school for the year.  Now I can torment him 7 days a week. Yippee!! I’m coming for you Pook!

Poor Design

Whoever designed my indoor hutch needs to get a different day job. It’s made of cheap wood that I just about ate my way through.  The bottom floor has no pull out litter tray.  And the ramp is a hazard. Hmm..I better sell more eBay stuff so I can get another hutch.  This one gets two bunny feet down!

Crash Landing

I flanked my blanket and some soft toys at the bottom of the ramp in my hutch so that when  I crash land I don’t knock myself unconscious hitting the wall.

Then Mommy cleans my cage and folds the blanket and puts it away..unbeknownst to me.  I pay no attention going up the ramp..then run down and SMASH-CRASHED a face-plant onto the splintered wood wall. I was out cold for a good while..when I came to I hopped crooked and looked like a drunk bunny for the rest of the day.

Note to folks: Don’t move my blanket and toys!!! Another couple smash-crashes and I’ll have a scrambled brain.


My Mommy giggles when I lick her face. I like that! Oh, and I have a new noise.  I kind of purr and I can growl, too.

I started yawning a lot and I still smell like onions, but everybody loves me anyway.  I think I need another bunny to keep me company.  My eight feline sibs won’t play.  They still run away from me…sniffles…I need a pal.




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