Back to the bunny ER again

Never  jump while getting a haircut

Big mistake. I have no idea what came over me.  Maybe I’d had enough of the wool tufts in my eyes, nose and mouth.  Possibly my attention span was spent.Who knows?

I jumped.  I always jump.  But when Mom’s giving me a haircut and I jump..well, things turn out like a slasher movie.  Once again, I went back to the “Bunny ER.” to get super glued back together.

You might recall this happened several months ago.  It seems I’m a regular at the bunny ER.  Mom tried to find a groomer, but none of the groomers wanted to shave me.  I so cannot deal with the hair.


A full grown English Angora that I don’t want to look like!

I love Wally’s hair. wally

Unfortunately, we can’t find a groomer.  Mom does the best she can with a ragged -shag cut with bandage “skin safe” scissors.  I’ve had about eight hair clips..twice I got nipped. Mom felt terrible.  And, it’s cost over $500 to patch me up. And, I’m back to see Dr. O tomorrow.  An expensive venture.

When Mom clips me every couple days, it’s easy and the cut looks decent.  But when my hair grows into coils with thick tufts of wool and stretchy’s a challenge.  Not to mention the style is, sometimes, rather humiliating.  Once I looked like a horse. Another time I just looked like a kid with a Mom-cut. Take a look.

Confession: I bite my brother

My brother Kedrick is 14.  He’s nearly 6″ tall and weighs about 165 pounds.  I’m about a foot and a half (when sitting) weighing about 6 pounds.  Even so, Kedrick is scared to death of me.

My confession:  When no one’s looking I bite him.  Why?  Because I can.  It’s my cute face against his howling protests that no one believes.  Shhh…keep it on the QT. Mom and Dad think Kedrick’s making it up. And it’s funny to see a big guy run from a fluffy little bunny.

Mom’s been trying to get Kedrick to hang out with me.  So tonight he sits on the floor and calls me “little bunny” (NOT my name).  So, I bite his foot.

He howls..jumps up and runs and, get this, I take off after him nipping at his heels.  He’s screaming like banshee.  Mom and Dad tell him to hush while he babbles about me being an “attack rabbit.”  I sit looking soft and cute while Kedrick’s told to go to his room for making such a ruckus.

When he got to his room, he saw the presents I left under his covers.  Poo balls.  It makes him nutty!  And I laugh my bunny hiney off.  Chalk another one up for me! And the bunny says, “Booya!”


My dad (on the left) with my scardy-cat brother Kedrick

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