Too big for my “britches”

I’m too big for all the girlie- girl dresses Mommy got me. Which, I am happy about.

People say I’m so cute in pink and yellow twill dresses with flowers, but those dresses seriously slow me down. I get hung up on stuff, too.

If I ring the bell in my hutch (with a dress on) I’m snared  until someone realizes my bell ringing is a mayday.

The dresses hamper my hop.  I like to ping and run super fast. The twill flips up over my head and gets me stuck in small places. I like to belly crawl.  Impossible with twill. My striped tunic is light weight and doable, but it isn’t my best look.

Litter box?

Well…I untrained myself.  For some reason I’m rolling poo balls like a mad hatter. And,  I’ve taken a liking to peeing on Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

If I stop for more than a second, on their bed, I’m on auto-pee. I don’t know what comes over me..I just start peeing and peeing and peeing.

I pee on the sly..I sit nonchalantly looking like I’m chill-laxing while I’m  soaking the bed.

Then Mommy goes to lay on her pillow and..guess what?! Pee-logged..which prompts an “Eek! LuLu!!”

Doggie diapers

I saw Mommy eyeballing the doggie diapers again.  I draw the line there. I can deal with an ugly tunic or twill flipped over my head, but I will NOT deal with  diapers again.

You have no idea how hard it is to hop pent into a diaper.  It crimps my hop and that’s just unacceptable.

How do I stop peeing everywhere?

Have any ideas on how to get me out of pee mode?  The vet said spaying me would help.

Mommy and Daddy thought about me having  baby bunnies, but I’ve showed them the error of their ways with my poo, pee, and new-found love of chewing holes in carpet.

Yelp for help!

Hey, can you help me with something, please?  Please share my Little Bunny LuLu eBay store.

I took a risk listing valuable stuff with no reserve and it’s not going well.  I’m giving the proverbial farm away.


Big beta oops

I did a Beta run of listing everything at 99 cents, and that was a total flop.  Even when people got stuff with a retail value of $80 for a total of $8 (including shipping/handling), they complained they paid too much shipping.

Someone bid on a ton of my auctions and then, when they closed, she cancelled all her bids saying shipping was too high.  When she was getting really nice stuff for next to nothing!    I’m going back to just listing stuff as BUY IT NOW..

Jewelry..need I say more?

I have at least a thousand things to list.  Mommy is thinking about calling an estate sale company and consigning or having an online auction through them.  Or maybe a “living” estate sale here. #tagsale #TOLEDO #Maumee #AUCTION #FORSALE

Mommy called some of the companies about six months ago, but none returned her calls.  I guess they don’t much like having estate sales with people still on the right side of the grass.

Which dress?

Mommy is ordering me more dresses..which ones do you like best?

Cute Retro Tiny Dog Dress Apparel Pet Clothes Clothing Size  MColorful Birds Dog Dress Apparel Pet Clothes Clothing Size MPet Clothing - Dog Dress- Spring Princess Yellow Purple Red Dress - size S  M  L Leopard/Polka dot 100% cotton Dog Dress,Pet Skirt Clothing,4 sizes availableGlamour to the Bone Pet Dog Dress Size mediumCute Princess Bow Dog Pet Puppy Dress Tutu Skirt Layered Clothes Apparel CostumeDiverse Styles Cute Pet Dog Cat Dress Lace Skirt Princess Clothes Party Dress Cute Princess Bow Dog Pet Puppy Dress Tutu Skirt Layered Clothes Apparel CostumeCute Princess Bow Dog Pet Puppy Dress Tutu Skirt Layered Clothes Apparel CostumeCute Princess Bow Dog Pet Puppy Dress Tutu Skirt Layered Clothes Apparel CostumeFitwarm-14-Chest-Pretty-Flower-Dog-Dress-Small-Pet-Clothes-Shirt-Puppy-Apparel

xBox boy

I forgot to tell you how I scared the bejeepers out of Xbox boy yesterday.  It was bedtime  and I was hiding (as usual).

Mommy looked everywhere in her room and couldn’t find me.  Xbox boy  is terrified of me.  Maybe because I bit him on the cheek  once..or maybe twice.  It was a nip, but it freaked him out.

So, he sticks his head under Mommy’s armoire and..YOU GUESSED IT, I jumped on his face and nipped him.

He freaked! I thought it was funny considering he’s almost 6″ tall and weighs about 165 , whereas I’m about 2 feet tall and weigh about 6 pounds.

He doesn’t like me peeing or pooing on him or sneaking into his Man Cave (our sun room with his xBox, junk food and junk everywhere).  Mommy says it looks like  a fraternity house post-party..whatever that means.

When I manage to sneak into the sun room I nibble on Doritos, chips, sweets..and I dump over near empty cans of Mountain Dew and it tastes…WOW! good.   I’m not allowed to have any of this stuff..but if I’m sly..I can usually get in and out without Xbox boy seeing me.

Unfortunately for him..I leave a poo trail in his Doritos , which doesn’t make him like me any better. XO, Lulu




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