The short sticks are yummy

Little Bunny LuLu here…three months old and loving life.

About the short stick: I really like them.  Mommy got me these yummy short pear and blueberry branches and they are delish.

I like when she cracks them in the middle so I can stick both sides in my mouth and hop around looking like I have tusks.

So, the short stick is yummy. Now for the long “shtick.” I’m an English Angora BUNNY.  That means I’m naturally a rather ridiculous puff.


English Angora Rabbit

I don’t like hair in my food.  Or in my eyes.  Or in my nose.  My goodness, I couldn’t find my feet.  Can you imagine using the litter box with this frock?  Umm..GROSS!.

To make me feel better about the hairy mess, Daddy bought bandage scissors to thatch my bush. Bandage scissors are supposed to

bandage scissors

Bandage Scissors that don’t cut skin.

NOT cut skin. Well, they cut skin.  Yowchie!

I let out a yelp when Mommy accidentally snipped me when she was trying to get rid of a mat at the nape of my neck. Since I’m small, it’s kind of hard to brush there. A knotted  fur ball like my kitty siblings siblings yack  grew BIG!

Mommy and Daddy took me  to MedVet 

They were really nice and fixed my boo-boo.  It’s almost all better now! My hair grows super fast.  Even clippers can cut me because my skin is paper-thin and stretchy.Maybe tomorrow Mommy and Daddy will  gently clip me.  Daddy will help keep me still..because I’m like a kernel of corn in the microwave..I pop.  I wiggle.  I fidget.

I love my short hair.


Me in my new, bright-striped tunic

I especially am beautiful in my twill dresses. My 80s-style hair was incompatible with my wardrobe. If you have a furry friend, check out these  beautiful dresses.

Today I wore this yellow twill dress today.  Until I hopped out of it. My fuzzy feline sister Sadie Sue tried to eat the twill.  Luckily Mommy grabbed it in time.  Sadie Sue has a knack for eating just about everything. Earrings, Lego parts, paper, string, ribbon, plants, dryer sheets, paper, small toys, twist ties.  We can’t leave anything small out..otherwise Sadie Sue eats it.  It’s pretty gross when she erps it back up.

She’s eaten my brother Kedrick‘s pricey earbuds, headphone cords, pencil toppers.  Subie, our nickname for Sadie Sue, isn’t picky about non-food item edibles. She’s nutty.  I think she taught my feline brother Otis that bad habit because now he eats small Lego parts. I chomped on a Lego part.  Then I threw it aside.  Blah! No taste!  And I couldn’t even get my front tooth chomped into it.

I prefer strawberries, grapes, spinach, papaya, pineapple, pretzel bunny treats and crumbs of junk food littered around my brother Kedrick‘s bed.  Kedrick‘s a hot mess when it comes to messes.  Food, soda looks like a post-party frat house. Bad for Mommy and Daddy, but good for a little bunny who loves to eat sweets and crunchy chips.

My favorite habit is to nip Mommy’s unsuspecting foot.


Nipping Mommy’s foot.

You can see my stitches in this pic. That was a couple days ago.  My boo-boo is nearly better now.  I have to go back to the vet for a check up.  I’m just three months old and I’ve already been to the vet twice.  Once for a baby bunny well check and then for my boo-boo.

I’m loving being spoiled. I’m helping my folks with the vet bill by selling on eBay.  Take a look. They have all kinds of vintage and modern jewelry, tons of Lego parts and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. They always list more so stop back often. Here’s the website daddy’s been working on..loads of Lego parts on his Supplies Go Round website.

Up next…more about my brother Rowen and why I always pee on Daddy.

P.S.  I love Donald Trump‘s hair.

It's Confirmed! Donald Trump's Hair Is Real



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