Z-Ball ~my fuzzy friend

Meet Z.  One of my eight fuzzy feline friends.Her name is Zoé. Mommy calls her Z-ball or Z!  She’s a silver ball of fur that “mewps.”


Z-ball ~ My fuzzy feline friend


She’s on the shy side. Kedrick (my human brother , a.k.a Xbox Boy) says Z‘s afraid of faces.

Z loves sitting under our high-top, glass kitchen table to mull around feet hoping for head taps and tummy rubs.

Z‘s not afraid of me.  She sniffs me. Then runs alongside during my super-speedy loops around the kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer and steps.

taught me how to jump like a cat and scale steps like a pro!  I can jump about 3 feet high. And, I run the stairs- up and down-faster than the fuzzies!   Mom says I’m like popcorn..pop here, pop there, pop everywhere.

Sometimes the other fuzzies scream and howl at each other..it’s freaky.  Z-Ball just plods along. Low key and lovable.  Me and Z.  Happy as can be.



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