I’m Little Bunny LuLu


Flashy LuLu Boner McClamroch Karasek

Hello friends.  I’m Little Bunny LuLu.  Actually, my whole name is Flashy LuLu Boner McClamroch Karasek. I’m named after my Granny Queen Nancy McClamroch‘s online Poker name, Flashy LuLu.

Christmas Card

Granny, Queen Nancy McClamroch

Granny is in Heaven now, but I keep her spry spirit alive. I’m two and a half months old. I’m an English Angora bunny. People say I look like a Himalayan cat.  I’m very fuzzy.  When my ears tuck back, I really do look like a kitty.

Mommy got me flower hair bands..to get my fuzzy hair out of my eyes.. and make me  cuter…as if that’s even possible.

I have EIGHT fuzzy feline siblings!  They’re still kind of scared of me…and they’re all at least five times bigger than me.   I hop. They skedaddle.


A raspberry from Otis!

It’s funny to see Otis Byerly run away from me.  He’s a 25-pound giant cat!

My other furry felines are: Chloe, Oreo, Sadie Sue, Violet, Zoe, Maggie Mae and Sophie. Mom and Dad rescued them from life on the street. Most of them are old fogies.  Mom and Dad told me about Brittany Dawn who went to Heaven years ago when she was 17.

Gingie Bug went to Heaven last December.  She was 21.  This December Drewbie went to Heaven.  He was 19.

I also live with Xbox Boy.  His real name is Kedrick Karasek.


Daddy (on the left) with Xbox Boy 

Mommy nicknamed him Xbox Boy.  Kedrick is 13 and in eighth grade. I’m going to tell you a secret.  Just don’t tell anyone!  Kedrick is terrified of me.  Isn’t that funny?  I am an itty-bitty bunny weighing about 3 pounds and Kedrick is nearly 6′ tall!!

So, for the fun of it.. I nipped his finger when he went to pet me today.  He screamed like a girl and ran away.  I laughed so hard I let out a round of poo balls.  More on that later.

rowen pic.png

Rowen with Mommy

Then there’s Rowen.  He’s a sophomore at the University of Toledo studying to be a special education teacher.  He’s hardly ever home, so we haven’t gotten to know each other much. The cats think Rowen is Elvis..they go wherever he goes. He’s the most popular.

My Mommy is Lori and Daddy is Jim, but Mom calls him Jaime.  Mom’s been trying to get well for a long time.  She has Lyme Disease that turned into encephalitis. It’s a whole lot to deal with.  She’s been very sick for a long time.



My Daddy Jaime is the director of an agency that helps people who are homeless.  He also has an online business called Supplies Go Round.  He sells cool Lego sets.  He takes USED Lego and he washes them.  Then he hand picks the very best and seals them into retail-labeled packaging that is perfect to give as a gift or just to play with! Mommy gave me the words for that!

Here’s Dad’s store Supplies Go Round ~ Your One-Stop Used Lego Shop  He has all sorts of Lego: Bionicle, Hero, Technic, Friends, Plates, Minifigures, Duplo and lots more.  You can pay with PayPal, too!

We have a room in our house that has two beds, with no people!  Daddy has two daughters from his first marriage, but I’ve never met them.  I like their bedroom. It has bright teal circles that are fun to hop around on!

I went outside today with Mommy and Daddy.  It was so windy that it blew me around like a leaf!  That was very scary…yikes.. poo balls…

More soon…I’m a very sleepy bunny…good night sweet tarts!  xo, LuLu

PS  My Daddy has cool stuff for sale on eBay ~ Lego, Jewelry, Clothing…and more!  Visit him here Daddy’s eBay Stuff ~ thekaraseks

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